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How to take care of Henna

How to take care of Henna

After the henna is applied, let the henna paste dry for about 4-6 hours or more. Once it dries out completely, it will start flaking and you can see orange color which means henna has started staining your skin.

Henna can be applied on any part of the body, but will stain the palms and feet the darkest. The longer the paste stays on your skin the darker the color you get. To make sure that henna paste stays longer on your skin, a mixture of sugar and lemon juice is applied as a sealant to prevent flaking.

Do not wash with water for 24 hours if possible. If paste falls off sooner, don’t panic.

Design will progress from orange tones to burgundy or brown depending on the person’s body chemistry, in about 48 hours.

Henna used by me is Chemical free and safe for kids. Although Henna stains vary I assure of the best color.