Henna Crafts

Henna Crafts

Henna on different Medium, Other than body art, the artist, Sejal, loves to create design on various other mediums such as Candles, Canvas, Plastic trays and Glass.


All the designs are custom created depending on size and color combinations.


Customized decorative candles are most popular for Bridal Shower décor, Sangeet Party Décor, Baby shower décor, sweet sixteen birthday party décor, Mitzvah décor, house warming décor. These also make an amazing party favor.


Customized decorative Trays are mostly used for decorations for various Wedding festivities and puja.


Customized decorative canvases beautify, your living room, puja room, yoga studio and whereever you want to place a piece of Art.


Customized Glass Vases and Votives make beautiful décor for your home.