Bridal Henna

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Bridal Henna

Henna is one of the 16 adornments for a bride. Every bride wants the best henna design for her special day. We offer customized Bridal henna designs to include your personal elements in the design to make it unique, just for you.

Sejal offers personalized design consultations for brides-to-be, by taking the time to meet with the bride and learn about their love story, Sejal is able to create truly unique and meaningful henna designs that reflect the couple’s journey and shared interests. Incorporating personal elements into the design, such as the skyline of the city where the couple first meet, common interests, what brought them both close, it’s a beautiful way to make the design even more special and memorable. 

We offer a wide range of bridal henna design options to suit the preferences of every bride. From basic and simple designs to intricate and detailed traditional Indian designs, there is something for everyone.

Bridal henna includes both the hands and feet, as these are traditional areas for henna adornment. It’s important for brides to consider both areas when planning their henna design, as they may want to create a cohesive look between their hands and feet. Pricing for bridal henna is dependent on several factors, including the style and design of the henna and the time required to apply the henna. It’s important for brides to discuss their design ideas and preferences with the artist during their consultation in order to receive an accurate quote

We take pride in providing our clients with the best and most personalized bridal henna designs, by taking the time to meet with the bride and understand her preferences, we are able to create unique and beautiful designs that are tailored to her individual tastes and style. Ensuring that the design is neat and clean is also an important aspect and we are able to create a beautiful design that the bride will love.