Decorative Candles

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Decorative Candles

Customized decorative candles are hand-painted with acrylic paint and designed with the concept of traditional henna designs and a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your home or special event. These candles can be customized created depending on size and color combinations including with unique designs, colors.

You can choose candles in a wide range including Wax candles, LED candles, votive candles and tea light candles to match the theme or decor of your event or home. You can also mix and match different colors to create a unique and eye-catching display.

Customized decorative candles are most popular for Bridal Shower décor, Sangeet Party Décor, Baby shower décor, sweet sixteen birthday party décor, Mitzvah décor, Housewarming décor, Thanksgiving decor, Christmas decor, Diwali decor, Ganpati decor and many more celebrations. These also make an amazing party favor. Some clients used the led candles for Bridesmaids entry at the wedding, Centerpieces for sangeet party, Mehndi party favor, Grahshanti favors, Akhand Saubhagya Vati favor and many more…

Customized decorative candles are a beautiful and unique way to add a personal touch to your home or special event. With so many different customization options available, there is sure to be a candle that is perfect for your needs and style.

Wax Candles

LED Candles

Tea Lights